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Bug Bounty

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Here at we take security very seriously.

While we take every precaution to protect the integrity of our systems it would be naive of any company to believe that they have planned and tested for every conceivable outcome.
At times software receives unexpected input and behaves in unexpected ways, which sometimes results in weaknesses.

Yahoo, Linkedin, Sony, AOL, US DOD, Ebay, Mark Zuckerberg – all with tremendous technical resources yet all suffered online security issues in recent years.

To help protect we encourage friendly professionals, commonly known as “white hat hackers” to test our systems and alert us to any vulnerabilities that they may find.
By getting issues detected and reported they can then be investigated and action taken if needed, hopefully before anyone with bad intentions discovers the same issue.

In exchange for reporting the issue we will offer a bug bounty to the researcher who notifies us of an issue which is then verified as a legitimate security threat.

Right now is a young and growing company – we are not yet worth a billion dollars and we cannot match the bounty programs of the well known tech companies.
But we take security seriously and value the time of anyone prepared to help us in this regard.
Our current bounty offer is from $20 to $50 USD per verified issue, depending on the severity of the issue.
As our revenue, investment and available funds increase so will these values.

To our customers:
This page exists to help us ensure that there are no undetected weaknesses that could affect your systems or data.
The fact that we offer this program does not mean our software is insecure, just that we are proactive in resolving any possible issues.
Bug bounties are standard practice in the software industry and help make the internet a safer place.
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