Product Upsells

May 21, 2020 6:37 am

We have had many requests over the years for the ability to sell extra products directly from the customer quoteform.

Despite recognising the value this would offer, early attempts were shelved since the added complexity needed was proving to have a negative effect in conversion rates.

Some Transporters users managed to extra cargo groups solve their needs, while others simply had staff add the products internally when needed.


But now we are pleased to announce a new option within products that solves this need in an efficient and effective way.

Product Upsells

Products within your Transporters system can be chosen to offer as upsells, which are presented between the initial quote request and confirming the booking.

This allows a wide range of time consuming and revenue enhancing options.

Allow customers to purchase a meet & greet, child seat, refreshments and much more.

This can also be used for optional gratuities.

Read more on how to use product upsells at our helpdesk.